Envy Dialysis Service - THE BOOKING


1. Application FormDownload Application FormOnline Registration

To make a dialysis reservation for you we need some basic information.

Complete the "Application Form" and send it to us.

This application form can also be downloaded from our website.

2. Medical Information (EPICRISIS)

Ask your hospital / dialysis center to your Medical Report (Epicrisis) and serology test (recent result - one month before arrival).

3. Payment

You can pay your dialysis treatments cash or with a credit card. The holiday dialysis center will make an invoice. You can claim this invoice to your insurance.

If your Health Insurance gives you a "payment warranty" document for the costs of dialysis sessions abroad. Please send this to us by mail or fax.

Please send all these documents to us and bring the originals of the documents with you!

After receiving the above mentioned documents by mail info@envytravel.com  or fax +90 242 3240447 we inform you about the pick up times, transfers and treatments in the dialysis center.

Bring also medications such as EPO / NEO RECORMON, Iron preparations (Ferlecit, Venofer, etc.) and vitamin B with you. These medicines are available in Turkey, but most of them are not covered by your health insurance. Keep the medicines cold during the journey in special cooling package/bag.

It is not required to bring Heparin and Fragmin with you.